Russianeuropean laika ze Staré Moravy

Russianeuropean laika ze Staré Moravy


17. 3. 2018 - Šerri became International champion of beauty!

Serri became historically the very first russianeuropean laika in our country awarded with this title.

5.2.2018 - IDS Brno

Judge: Mrs. Zdenka Jílková
Shaman Zabelinskiy - working cl. - Exc.1 CAC - Shaman became Czech champion!
Irma - winners class - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, CAC ČMKU, BOB
Irma is now qualified for International champion!

8.12.2017 - New photos of puppies

Litter E is 1 month old, litter F is 3 weeks old
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28.11.2017 - New photos of puppies

litter E is 3 weeks old and litter of has 12 days.
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18.-19. 11. 2017 - International hunting tests, Habrová

Shaman Zabelinskiy - 1st merit, CACT, CACIT, Diviačiar, Winner of the tests (12 entries)

Shaman again prooved he is worthy of all our investments. He is not only a freak, who wants to kill everything he meets in a forest, which is the way laikas are presented among laics. He is also easy to handle and he is a great competitor for other breeds. He won two hunting tests within one month with the different handlers and the title "Diviačar" (wild boar) is a cherry on a top of a cake.
Ruskoevropská lajka Ruskoevropská lajka

16.11.2017 - Puppies by Irma were born.

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6.11.2017 - Russianeuropean laika puppies were born.

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28.10.217 - ZVVZ - Lavičky Orlík

Shaman Zabelinskiy - 1st merit CACT, Winner of tests

Veronika did it again! Last year she won the tests with Šerri and this year she did it again with Shaman with full score of points.
Ruskoevropská lajka Ruskoevropská lajka

24.9.2017 - NDS Brno

Judge Ing. Jaroslav Matyáš
Shaman Zabelinskiy - working class - Exc.1 CAC, National winner, BOB

2.9.2017 Shaman pased the breeding check

He is now officially registered as a stud male.

27.8.2017 Club show KKMPL - KK Zetor Brno

judge Mrs. Lenka Frnčová
Shaman Zabelinskiy - working class - Exc.1, CAC, BOB, BIS
Russianeuropean laika

4.6.2017- Club show KCHH - Knížecí rybník

Judge Mr. Tibor Havelka - SK
Shaman Zabelinskiy - working cl. - Exc.1 CAC, Club winner, BOB
Russianeuropean laika

3.6.2017 - Specialty show KCHH - Knížecí rybník

Judge MVDr. František Šimek
Shaman Zabelinskiy - working cl. - Exc.1 CAC, Specialty show winner, BOB

21.5.2017 - IDS Litoměřice

Judge Mrs. Lenka Frnčová
Shaman Zabelinskiy - open cl. - Exc.1 CAC, CACIB, BOS
Šerri - champion cl. - Exc.1 CAC, CACIB, BOB
Šerri is the first Russianeuropean laika who is now qualified for C.I.B.!!!
Russianeuropean laika

16.4.2017 - International hunting tests for blood tracking (BZH)) - Lavičky Orlík

Shaman Zabelinskiy - 1st merit, CACT


The last hunting season was not according to our plans. We took a part at only 8 hunts, where 61 wild pigs, 6 deers and 5 foxes wete hunted. We had so many more invitations but as we both chanegd our jobs, we could not take holidays. Also Leopold decided to become judge for hunting tests and began to work hard towards it. So we had to skip many hunts to which we traditionally went to in the last years. But to be also positive - Šaman went to 6 hunts and prooved himself very skilled hunting dog.

Planned mating 2017

In 2017 we are going to mate Šerri and we will be choosing among stud males T-as, Uran and Šaman if we will manage to register him as a stud male in autumn.


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