Russianeuropean laika ze Staré Moravy

Russianeuropean laika ze Staré Moravy


8.6.2018 - IDS Nitra

Judge Mrs. Monica Blaha - AT
Shaman Zabelinskiy - champion cl. - Exc.1 CAC, CACIB, BOB
Shaman is now fully qualified for the title Internatinal Champion of Beauty.
Russian european laika

15. 4. 2018 - MBZH Lavičky-Orlík

Shaman Zabelinskiy - 1st merit CACT - Now fully qualified for Champion of work!
Russian european laika Russian european laika

8. 4. 2018 - NDS Ostrava

judge: pan Antonín Mudra
Shaman Zabelinskiy - winners class - Exc.1 CAC, National Winner, BOB
Russian european laika

17. 3. 2018 - Šerri became International champion of beauty!

Serri became historically the very first russianeuropean laika in our country awarded with this title.

5.2.2018 - IDS Brno

Judge: Mrs. Zdenka Jílková
Shaman Zabelinskiy - working cl. - Exc.1 CAC - Shaman became Czech champion!
Irma - winners class - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, CAC ČMKU, BOB
Irma is now qualified for International champion!


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